Tuesday, September 14, 2010

So, since lesson #4 is tonight, I figured I better finish my homework and fill everyone in on the process of the second block for my quilt.  Here goes.....

Step one is to make a set of 31/2 in strips sewn together (like in the first block) out of the two different fabrics shown to the left, and cut them in strips.  This will become the middle strip of the block

The next step is to to make half-square triangle blocks.  You will need to cut 37/8 inch squares from 37/8 in strips.

On the back of the light colored square, draw a line diagonally from one corner to another. Then draw lines 1/4 inch away from the center line on each side

Place the two squares with right sides together and stitch just inside of of each outer line.

Cut the square in half down the center line.

Iron each half open to make 2  half-square triangle blocks.  Repeat the half-square triangle blocks, as you will need 4 to complete the block.

Cut 31/2 inch squares from the same fabric in the center of the middle strip illustrated above.

Sew two  sets of the following:

Two half-square triangle blocks at opposite angles with a middle square in between. (in the picture on the left, these are the strips on the left and right of the center strip.)  Sew all three strips together in the order in the picture to the left.

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