Thursday, September 2, 2010

Sewing the first Blocks

Well, Class was GREAT!  We tested our stitches to make sure we had 1/4 inch seams and began sewing strips together to make 9-patch blocks. 

First we sewed two dark strips with a light strip in between.

Next we sewed two light strips with dark in between.

This is what they look like after being sewn together.

The next step is to cut them in strips.

After cutting them into strips you sew the strips together to make a 9-patch square.  Sew two darker pieces together with a lighter piece in the middle.

I did my homework last night and I am ready for the next lesson.  This is so much fun!!!

I hope I inspire someone to try quilting.

Happy Quilting :),



Anonymous said...

I was looking at your pictures above. Are the strips sewn to the white backing in any of the pictures above? I can't figure out how you would cut them into strips if they are sewn to the backing already.

Laura said...

Connie, the strips are laying on a white background. The original strips in the first two pictures are 3 1/2 inches wide. Three are sewn together as in picture three. Then those become 9 1/2 inch strips. They are then cut cross-wise into 3 1/2 inch strips which are re-sewn into 9 1/2 inch squares.

Thanks, and let me know if this helps.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for your reply. So what size is the quilt you are making and how many 9 1/2 inch squares will you need?