Tuesday, September 28, 2010

More Adventures in Quilting

It still amazes me how much I am learning from my quilting class.  Today was a non-sewing day but still fun and very interesting.  Before class I picked out my backing, batting and binding material.  This quilt is still evolving.

We talked about machine quilting patterns and about marking the quilt top.  There are so many, many different things that can be done during the machine quilting process that range from simple "stiching in the ditch" to very complex patterns.  I am still deciding which route i want to take.

After drawing the pattern on the quilt top, the layering comes next.  I will lay the backing out on a large flat surface, (face down), lay the batting on top of that and then lay the quilt top on top of that, (face up).

When everything is smoothed out i will begin basting with safety pins.  Starting with the middle, i will put pins over the entire quilt through all three layers.  Lyric estimates about 300 should do the trick.  This will stabilize the three layers so that nothing shifts during quilting.  I'll post pictures of the process when i get to each stage.  Thanks for following along.

Happy quilting :),


P.S.  MLF, you didn't let any cats out of any bags.......

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