Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Just for Fun

I took a break last weekend from my quilt and decided to just "Make Something Fun".  I purchased the glass dessert dish for 69 cents at our local Women's Shelter Thrift Store and the rest was scrappy, (everything was found already in my posession).  Some of it from past projects, such as the lace which was from a dress my daughter and I made for a peagent at the college she attends.  The pink fabrics were from previous sewing projects for friends and family.  The beads, well the ones that resemble pieces of pecans came from a trip to New Mexico with my very dear friends/neighbors.  The other beads, no telling.  Anyway, it was fun and cheap!!  (and I think very cute in the end)

A sweet treat for someone!!

Happy Quilting :),


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