Monday, April 25, 2011

Paper Piecing

I took a class last week on paper piecing using patterns from England Design Studios.  I have taken paper piecing classes before, but this method was very different.  I really enjoyed it and bought a pattern.  Here is what we worked on.

IMAG0277  I like the way it went together and how it allows you to piece absolutely any shape.  I plan to come up with some patterns of my own.

I took my mini iron to the paper piecing class with me and used a hand towel for an ironing mat.  When the class was over my iron was still hot.  (something I didn't think about until I was unplugging it.) I wrapped it in the hand towel and it was fine, but I decided I wanted a better solution to for an ironing pad and traveling with a hot iron.  Here is what I came up with.....

IMAG0279I made an ironing pad with Insul-Bright sandwiched between two layers of batting and then covered with fabric.


   I added a loop
   on one end and
two tabs with velcro
on the other end.


   Here is my ironing pad
with my mini iron


I put the loop over
the handle of the
hot iron

I rolled the iron
toward the center
and used one
tab with velcro
to secure the cord


I rolled the
iron over
once more

IMAG0286.jpgI used the other tab to wrap around the outside to secure the iron and cord

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Playing around in the Sewing Room

I had a lazy weekend around the house, but managed to get some things done in the sewing room. 

IMAG0274.jpgFirst I have to show you the marvelous package of scraps that came from Sara at Sew Sara.  She organized a fantastic scrap swap and I had great swap partners.  I saw on her blog that she needed someone to take on another partner so I volunteered.  It turns out that she had already filled the extra spot, but suggested that we do an additional swap ourselves.  Here is what I received:

I know the picture is fuzzy, but believe me when I tell you it is an amazing collection of scraps.

And now on to the sewing...

My daughter was putting together a gift for a friend's 1 year-old and decided on a swimming theme.  I made a nametag for the basket of goodies and love the way it trned out!


I am working on a pillow that I have almost completed, and will share pictures when it is finished.  I made four stars for the Just One Star  project.  Two blue and two red. 


They went together well and I am so glad I participated in this project.  They will be mailed off to Moda tomorrow.  If you haven't participated in this yet, you still have time.  The deadline to get your block to Moda is May 1st.  If you want more information pleae go HERE.

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend,

Happy Quilting ;)