Friday, August 27, 2010


Since I have already finished my "homework" for quilting class, i decided to just sew.  I had already cut the pieces to make 5 pillowcases for the 1,000,000 pillowcase challenge, so I finished them all.  They turned out really cute and I hope they end up being really loved and treasured by someone in need.  If you haven't made any to donate yet, please consider doing it.  It is fun and the pillowcases you make will be counted in the national challenge, but donated in your area.  For more information please visit

Happy Friday and

Happy Quilting :),


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Anonymous said...

Maybe you should start buying some quilt display racks. I saw one just today and I'm pretty sure it had heart cutouts on each end. I remember thinking it would match the decor in your living room and would be a lovely way to display your quilts. Let me know if you would like me to keep my eye out for some racks in the future. ;) Happy stitching!