Friday, November 11, 2011

This and That Part 1

Lately I find my crafty life is so much more than just quilting.  I have been quilting, but have also been dabbling in painting, non-quilty sewing, cooking, drawing and decorating. 

I live in a small town and I love the "small town-ness" of it.  That means we do fun stuff, unique to our community.  We are a college town, Stephen F. Austin State University is here, and we often combine small town happenings with SFASU events. 

We close down Main Street the Saturday before Halloween and have a very large community Halloween event called Scare on the Square and lots of Downtown decorating goes on.  It coincided with SFA's Homecoming, and their theme was "There's No Place Like Home".   I have been pretty much in charge of our office decorations for the past four years.  We have been known to decorate our building with a Star Wars theme, a saloon and an old movie theatre.  Well, since SFA's school color is Purple, we did a take-off of The Wizard of Oz with a purple brick road and witchy legs sticking out under the house with the opposing team's name on the bottom of her shoes.  And since the mascot for SFA is a Lumberjack, we dressed as lumberjacks with Oz elements.  I was a lumberjack scarecrow with a purple plaid shirt and had straw coming from my sleeves and pants legs.  Lumberjack Dorothy had ruby slippers and braids. Anyway, our "House" was a version of the major buildings you see as you drive onto SFA's beautiful, pine-tree lined Vista Drive, The Austin Building.  I painted and we installed a fake Austin Building on our building front and we put pine trees on our balcony posts.  (The middle is hinged and is the door to get into our office)

This is what the main entrance to the Austin looks like in real life (from a photo I found on SFA's website).

This is what our miniature version looked like.

Can you see the witchy legs sticking out at the bottom right of the building?
Well, here they are close up...

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